Clinical Team

Our Specialities


We screen for anxiety, substance misuse, and depression.


We provide psychiatric assessment for a variety of needs, including guardianship and court-based services


Our board certified clinicians provide brief therapy and comprehensive treatment planning.


Our proprietary process improves early mental health detection, appropriate referrals, and collaborative treatment


Clinical supervision is provided on a contracted basis towards LCSW


The Care Measured tool adds value to your existing practice through the tracking of value-based metrics.


The Halcyon Model

  1. Contemplation stage
    • I am ready to make a change
  2. Follow medical necessity guidelines
    • Treatment is indicated based on consumer’s experience of disruptive symptoms and functioning
  3. Care Measured Tool
    •  Treatment progress should be measured and integrated
  4. Brief therapy
    • Initial 12-16 sessions
    • Focused
    • Evidence-based

Halcyon believes that consumers who are ready to engage in treatment can make significant steps forward in their functioning. In addition, they can start to experience a reduction in symptoms within 7 sessions.  The Care Measured screening explores symptoms over time and it is fully integrated into the therapeutic experience. We embrace brief therapy because we adhere to ethical treatment practices that are medically necessary, targeted, and results driven.

Quality experience

Team Of Specialists

Dr. Orlando Wright, LCSW-C

Founder/Chief Clinician

Dr. Ericka Jenifer, MBA, MPH

Clinical Psychologist

Montrell Pryor, M.Ed.,LMSW

Clinician Maryland & DC

Asia Malik, LGPC


Ernestine Stewart, LGPC, LCMHCA, LCASA

Clinician Maryland & North Carolina

Kasandra Marbury, LCSW

Clinical services in Connecticut