Name: Dr. O. Wright, LCSW-C

Address: 6304 Woodside Court, Suit 110G, Columbia MD 21046-3217

Email:  admin @ halcyonclinical.com

Phone:  (410) 855-4631 x101

Clients: Adults only

Expertise: 20 + years of experience | Trained in CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, REBT, and Substance use disorders treatment.

Dr. Wright, LCSW-C

Hi, I am Dr. Wright, the founder of Halcyon Clinical Services. I started this organization to address what I thought was a growing gap between the delivery of services within the behavioral health space and primary care. Further, the marriage between quality behavioral health services and technology has lagged behind our medical counterparts. As a result, I developed the Care Measured™ process, a simple, yet effective tool, which aims to streamline screening, communication, and clients’ progress across multiple domains.  

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